1. 18:48 25th Oct 2012

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    I’m tired of people who see good things happening in other countries and saying oh my god why can’t america be like X.

    Sweden has a really bad rape problem.

    Don’t get all uppity just because they have a great recycling system.

    I know, that is really awesome.

    But nowhere is perfect.

    This is an unimpressive and kind of harmful argument.

    America also has a pretty bad rape problem, so that’s not a valid way to dismiss Sweden. And even if America didn’t have a bad rape problem and 99 out of 100 Swedish women have been raped, that isn’t a valid reason to dismiss their recycling system.

    People who say “Why can’t America be like X?” aren’t saying we should be like X in every way, it’s just a response to something that X does which is so obviously miles ahead of anything America does. As far as recycling goes, fuck yes I wish America were more like Sweden.

    And if you dismiss their recycling system on the basis of their rape statistics, that allows everyone else to ignore the good parts as well as the bad. It isn’t like a package where you can’t have Swedish recycling without Swedish rape statistics, we can admire the good parts of another country without absolving them of the bad.