1. 13:50 5th Sep 2012

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    "It’s not my job to educate you."

    This phrase bothers me. Maybe I’m unique in placing extreme value on knowledge, but if you are capable of educating someone, and they are willing to listen, you are obligated to do so.

    Like, if you could prevent someone from dying but chose not to, I would hold you accountable for murder. And if you can educate someone but choose not to, then I hold you responsible for promoting ignorance.

    Spreading knowledge among those willing to hear it is not an option, it is a moral obligation.

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      And if that’s what I was expecting them to do, then that would be a valid point. But it’s not, so it isn’t. You keep...
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      My case was that most of us do engage, but that there are times when we cannot, and to hold that against someone is pure...
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      great points from OP and response.
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      I agree completely. Plus, I believe that if you demand respect for your opinion, you should be willing to explain why...
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    9. soycrates said: I find it more hard to hear when it’s coming from someone who proclaims themselves to be an activist. If you consider activism “a job” of sorts then yes it technically is “your job”. That’s what activism /is/ - part education.
    10. porcedex said: Agreed! This is why I don’t get angry at omnivores who ask questions, or men who want to know why I don’t always fire back when other men call out direspectful things to me(examples).
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