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    Westboro Baptist Church to Protest Atheist Reason Rally


    Westboro Baptist Church, the controversial group that has protested at funerals and high schools, plans to protest the upcoming Reason Rally at the National Mall in Washington, D.C.

    According to a post on their Twitter Account, WBC stated “Dear @ReasonRally: How gracious of you! We accept your invitation & will picket your parade of fools 3/24. Love,WBC.”

    The Reason Rally, which is sponsored by secularist organizations like the American Atheists and the American Humanist Association, will take place on Saturday, March 24.

    In response to the Reason Rally, many Christian groups like Reasons for God and the Christian Apologetics Alliance will be holding a counter event called “True Reason.”

    Featured speakers at the March 24 event will include secular biologist Richard Dawkins, comedian Tim Minchin, Adam Savage of the Discovery Channel program “Mythbusters,” and skeptic James Randi, creator of “The One Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge.”

    Surprise, surprise.

    Goddammit, I’m very upset I’m not gonna be there. >_<

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      Wish I could go to this. Looks like a fun day.
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      Goddammit, I’m very upset I’m not gonna be there. >_
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